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Prima Sparkling Teran by Štoka

Original name: Teranova Penina Prima

Vintage 2011 Brda

Prima Sparkling Teran by Štoka
Sparkling red wine has long been an interesting topic of conversation. Many can't get their heads around it, and for others, it's love at first sight (before sampling), but the concesus is one of love. This has been produced in the traditional method and has been left to mature in a cave for several years. Expect complex aromas of blackberry, bramble, raspberry and a balancing little touch of spice.

100% Teran

Deep red

Blackberry, bramble, raspberry


0.75 l

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Štoka estate is located in a small village in Slovenian Karst. The family has been making wines here for more than 200 years. The winecellar is famous for Teran wine. Teran is known for its health benefits and has been produced ever since early Roman times. 

Despite the fact everybody comes to Karst for prosciutto and Teran all the other wines Štoka family produces are as amazing. Fresh and drinkable. Simply lovely, as are the people that are making them (on the photo).

A must try from their cellar is Teran Liqueur - smooth, sweet and not too strong liqueur wine, just a perfect treat for cold winter evenings.