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Pinot Blanc Sparkling by Zlati Grič

Original name: Konjiška penina bela

Vintage 2015 Štajerska

Pinot Blanc Sparkling by Zlati Grič

This is a fresh easy-drinkable sparkling wine with a delicate aroma of fruits. It has had five months ripening in steel, where it is then bottled for a secondary fermentation. It is then left to sit on the lees for a couple of years, before a beautiful, fresh pinot blanc sparkler is produced. An amazing aroma of fruit.

Perfect for toasts and as an aperitif.

100 % Pinot Blanc

pale yellow


Fresh, fruity


0.75 l

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Zlati Grič

Zlati Grič

Zlati Grič is one of the most modern wineries in the Slovenian Styria region. The estate consists of 80 hectares. The estate offers also a Golf course and apartments in the Wine Growers’s Mansion from the 15th century. Zlati Grič is truly a hidden gem among Slovenian wineries.

Vines are mostly growing on medium heavy sandy-clay soil, what is reflected in the nature of wines. Local climate with a lot of sunny days and a mix of Alpine and Pannonian climate especially at the hillsides of Pohorje and Konjiška gora influence on high quality of Zlati Grič wines.