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Merlot by Ščurek

Vintage 2014 Brda

Merlot by Ščurek

A very easy drinking Merlot, full-bodied and slightly tannic. One should expect notes of raspberry, blackberry, bramble and blackcurrant on the nose, of course with the all important plum dominating. Similar is prominent on the palate, but with a hint of cherry pie.

Though rather light, this wine is best enjoyed with or without food. A perfect accompaniment to a Sunday roast.

100% Merlot

Ruby red

Raspberry, blackberry, bramble, blackcurrant, plum

Raspberry, blackberry, bramble, blackcurrant, plum, cherry pie


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More than 120 years ago Ščurek family cultivated 1 hectare of vines, making 50 hectoliters of wine. The wines were first bottled in 1990, when the Ščurek family were farming 7 hectares of vineyards and produced 15.000 bottles of wines per year. Today father Stojan Ščurek (on the photo) and his 5 sons own and farm more than 20 hectares of vineyards, some older than 55 years.

Each year the Ščurek family releases up to 90,000 bottles of top quality wine made from different local and international grape varieties. They have remained faithful to fresh but full-bodied wines and delay the first racking until late spring.