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Angel White by Batič

Original name: Angel Belo

Vintage 2011 Vipava

Angel White by Batič

An amazing cuvee. And rightfully, the wine-maker is proud of this one. Wine made from seven different grape varieties each made and matured into wine and mixed just before bottling. A white wine for specific taste and a demanding wine taster. This is not a wine to be enjoyed on any given day. It is to be served at special occasions and when you want to serve more than just wine.
Tropical fruits and elderflower are prominent on the nose and palate. The finish is comprised of an acacia and almond undertone.

Excellent with fish, both fresh and saltwater. Interesting with shrimp and grilled courgette or lobster.

40% Pinela, 20% Chardonnay, 20% Malvazija, 10% Rebula, less than 10% Reisling, Zelen, Vitovska Grganja


Tropical fruits, elderflower

Tropical fruits, elderflower with acacia and almond undertone


0.75 l

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The first Batič wines were born in the 16th century, designed by the experienced hands of the monks of Batič estate in Šempas.

Ivan and his son Miha Batič (in the photo) are the winemakers running the estate today. They produce 100% organic biodynamic wines. Their approach is to let nature take its course as much as possible. And like nature always finds its harmony, so do the wines. They are harmonic, balanced and simply amazing.

Batič wines are a definite must to taste for every wine enthusiast.